Non-Hispanic Whites

I’ve seen that phrase before on demographics, maybe a thousand times, maybe more.

It never really struck me the way it did yesterday.

“Non-Hispanic” whites.  As in: whites.  As in: you look at them, and cannot tell any significant difference between the supposedly privileged majority and an ostensibly disadvantaged minority.  Because the last name is Hispanic, of course.

I have a co-worker.  His father and mother come from Chile, and did so after he was born.  Lived in New York City, upper middle class.  His wife is a somewhat swarthy Italian girl. 

Now, liberals (and some conservatives) deride those of us who are against illegal immigration as somehow being afraid or hating “brown people”.  But if they are Hispanic Whites, well, how brown are they, anyway?

I could go on with this, but it just makes me sick to think about where the US has arrived in identity politics.

As a nation, we lack integrity and we lack courage.

Clint Eastwood was right.

At this point, we are mixed enough that you cannot tell anyone’s origin by their appearance (like the time I asked a Chinese guy for help in a university bookstore in Beijing, and he replied in flawless British English that he couldn’t help me, he was just looking, too).  And we should have the fortitude to use someone’s ignorant racism as a spur to achieve more, instead of as an excuse to need federal handouts.

…don’t get me started on how much it bothers me that women are considered a minority.



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2 responses to “Non-Hispanic Whites

  1. I have to say I agree with you on this one… (I know it is all shocking, but true.)

    I am horrible though, I am one of those old fashioned woman that wants to be treated like a WOMAN. I know it is horrible, but I totally want doors opened for me. I want to have my monthly excuse for being grumpy, and on and on… However, since woman are half of the population (basically)… well I don’t have to finish that one, you already know!

  2. Victo

    From the North Pole to Argentina – for thousands of years there have been The Lakota, The Metis, The Pueblo, The Axtec, The Maya, The Hopi, The Inca…..and thousands of more tribes. The culture of these brilliant people is quickly disapearing. The major so called Hispanic group in the USA is the Mexican American. The Brown Power movement of the sixties was an awakening for the MA’s. They proclaimed with pride that they were a New Race. Mestizo. Indigenous and Euopean. La Raza. There was no sick pride or thought that they were better than anybody as racist claim today. They were only stating that YES, They are not white. They are Brown and they are happy to be brown, just as the Black was proud to be Black. Here was a group who had fought in every American war including the Revolutionary War. Here was a group who died in great numbers in WWI and WWII as well as The Civil War and at Pearl Harbour. Even today they must fight to find their place in American History. Burn’s documentary on WWII conveniently attempted to leave them out and was forced to create a special addition to his special. The Mexican Americans I know cannot even speak Spanish. The don’t associate themselves with The Spanish even though their Spanish ancestors spoke Spanish. The consider themselves Americans. Period. These are the so called brown Hispanics. The Mexican, The Central Americans, the South American Mestizo with American citizenship. People are so shallow, they have to label people. Xenophobia at its worst. Brown Hispanics? Who cares? Especial what the white Spanish people think. If you really think about it, they’re all a bunch of Muslim half breeds….HA!

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