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Busy Today: No Free Ice Cream

And I mean it!


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Name That Politician, Instapundit Edition

Now, why would Glenn Reynolds conceal Rep. Stark’s party affiliation, hm?

DIRTY MONEY: Rep. Pete Stark. “Stark did not respond to a phone call and email message seeking a response.” Hey, if politicians gave back every donation they got from an iffy source, they’d be broke.

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Guitar Obsessions: It’s a Sickness in My Soul

A few weeks ago, I bought a ’91 Hamer XT Californian (import) for $100, shipping included, and practice amp included.  I figure, sell the amp for $30, take better pictures of the guitar, and sell it for $120 or so, and I make a $50 profit.  I cannot go wrong.

Except that I *really* like the guitar.

Yeah, it’s got a huge chip/gouge out of the wood just below the volume knob.  Well, so what?

1) it doesn’t affect the sound

2) it means I don’t really need to be worried about any other minor dings.

The guitar is really dirty.  I haven’t loosened the strings to clean the fretboard yet, but I will.  The fretboard is filthy.  But except for the gouge, the paint job is really nice.  A good polish could make it shine nicely.  And it might not be impossible to fill the gouge and paint over it for a 90%+ color/albedo match.

But: man!  The guitar rocks.  It’s really loud and sweet sounding unplugged.  I haven’t plugged it in yet, to tell the truth (no time! busy!).  And the neck/action is really fast and smooth, too.

I don’t want to sell it anymore.

China is getting really good at making good quality guitars.  Both my Chinese factory-made XTs are better than any but the very best Korean-made guitars.  I’d bet this is better quality than even a Mexican strat (generally considered to be below USA Strat quality, but better than any other nation’s import).  It is just plain a damn good guitar.

With the USA Diablo on the way, and with how much I like this guitar, there’s a very good chance that the Slammer by Hamer Centaura will be sold.  It is in great condition, and the trem works perfectly, but the sound is sub-par.  No reason to hold on to it that I can tell.

I guess I’m going to end up with a bunch of awesome shredders without any ability to take advantage of it.

That’s just the way I roll.

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I’m Thinking About Buying Another Hamer USA Shredder (Chapparal)

This now fulfills my voluntary obligation to try and post something about guitars every day.

Honestly, I’ve been so busy with my Masters degree study, I haven’t had time to pick up a guitar at all.  That’s going to be one of the good points about my upcoming deployment.

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Madoff vs Politicians

Let me get this straight.

Madoff’s evil was that he promised great returns to get people to give him more money.  He then used the new money to pay off the original people, making it look like he had earned money for them, so that more people would see it and have confidence in him, and continue to invest money, continue to be “pay-inners”.

That’s a classic ponzi scheme.

“Pay-inners” is too awkward.  Let’s use another term.

Say, “taxpayers.”

Because honestly, I don’t see the difference between a Ponzi scheme and “government stimulus”, right down to the stated intent being to maintain/restore confidence in the system.

The biggest problem is, the investor is you, and President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker of the House Pelosi aren’t giving you any choice in the matter.

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I’ve played on my Ministar Rokstar a little.  One of the reasons I purchased it was a cheap/easy way to test out a P-90 sound.

It wasn’t like angels singing or anything.

In fact, the P-90 really just sounds like a Humbucker with the tone turned way down, to me.  It’s not a sound that I like really much.

And when I’ve asked for other guitarists who use P-90s (in order to picture in my mind a characteristic P-90 sound), I get told: Pete Townshend (who I don’t listen to), the guitarist from Green Day (who uses enough distortion to render the difference between P-90 and humbucker mostly moot), and Lesle West of Mountain (who plays only one song I know: Mississippi Queen, which sounds mostly like a rather saturated humbucker in the neck position).

Well, after thinking about a thick single coil sound with greater saturation, and a very non-trebly sound overall, I finally thought of someone whose tone I can imagine/hear that might play a P-90: John Fogarty in his Credence Clearwater Revival days.

So I looked on wikipedia, and, sure enough: John Fogarty is listed first as artists famous for using a P-90 pickup sound.

I like his tone fine, but it wasn’t one I would spend much time pursuing.  I’m glad there are people who like P-90 pickup sounds, but I’m also glad I didn’t spend $300+ to find out it wasn’t really what I wanted.  Heck, I very nearly purchased a Hamer USA Special with P-90s for $550.  That could have been an expensive mistake.

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There have been nearly 370 comments left on this blog since it began.


In contrast, the spam blocker has protected me from 1203 spam comments in that same span.

Don’t you feel embarrassed for getting out-commented by spam!?!???


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