Octomom: A Sign of Liberal or Conservative Illness?

I expected that she would incur the wrath of liberals who would lump her in with Gov. Palin and other Red-Staters who “have too many kids.”

I was all set to point out: she did it: a) without a father, b) with lots and lots and lots of liberal “Great Society” financial support.

But then it turns out that she is pretty much reviled by both sides for all sorts of reasons.

And there are many reasons.  I feel sorry for the kids.



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4 responses to “Octomom: A Sign of Liberal or Conservative Illness?

  1. princeparadox

    I blame Oprah for running shows on mothers who have 6+ kids in one go and receive public sponsorship from companies wanting to appear sympathetic. Clearly, octo-mom watched these shows and thought to herself how much free money and publicity she could receive if she topped the record by having eight kids.

  2. Mr Lady

    Or maybe she’s just mentally ill and fixated on reproducing and the notion of paying for their welfare never crossed her insane mind? That could be it, too.

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