Now is the Time on Sprockets Where We Ask Non-Politically Correct Questions…

On the previous piece about Octomom, a comment was left:

I blame Oprah for running shows on mothers who have 6+ kids in one go and receive public sponsorship from companies wanting to appear sympathetic. Clearly, octo-mom watched these shows and thought to herself how much free money and publicity she could receive if she topped the record by having eight kids.

That kind of triggered something for me.  The thought had been half-formed, but here it is now, 75% formed (and perhaps just enough to get me in trouble):

Do you agree that society (United States, at least) teaches women that they should get money for what they are, but men should only get money for what they do?

Male models are generally despised, as are men who marry for money, and men who are not “good providers ” (an term that is simultaneously archaic and yet appropriate for the way men are treated by “family” courts). 

There are certainly women who are successful and richly rewarded for what they do, yes.

But I really can’t see a man thinking like this.  Men don’t expect all of society to provide them with a comfortable life and extras for their kids.  In general, men expect to work for every single thing they get in life.  Is it any wonder more women vote Democrat and more men vote Republican?

Eh, there are a dozen ways you can poke holes in this post.  If you need help finding any, let me know in the comments and I’ll suggest a few.

Bottom line: This problem of being expected to get money/support just for the wonderfulness of being probably doesn’t infect that many women, and probably infects a number of men, too.  I just don’t like it.  I wouldn’t want my daughter thinking she can get out of a speeding ticket by crying, get special treatment from a salesman or official by batting her eyes, using her body to get cash, or combining attractiveness with ambiguous promises to string potential suitors along in order to get better treatment or romance.

I’ve seen it all too many times to count.

I guess that’s just the way it is.



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2 responses to “Now is the Time on Sprockets Where We Ask Non-Politically Correct Questions…

  1. Mr Lady

    I’m going to back away from this very very slowly….

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