Blogging in a Nutshell (Figuratively)

I get these little flashes of opinion/reaction at times, and I develop my reaction in writing on this blog.  I don’t always reach a final conclusion, and I rarely write well, and once I reach a final conclusion, I am usually too bored with the topic to continue writing about it.  Along the way, I probably offend someone whose opinion or good will I may care about.  That’s blogging, in a nutshell, figuratively.

I say figuratively, because I don’t think even a laptop could fit in a literal nutshell, much less a tower, or me.


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One response to “Blogging in a Nutshell (Figuratively)

  1. To whoever you are,

    At a relatively-advanced age (I am retired), I discovered blogging about 4 months ago. Most posts I read are shallow and uninteresting, but I discovered two other bloggers in my community whose posts are not, and my interaction with them has stimulated my thinking and enriched my life.

    I don’t mean to sound preachy, but I guess it does: What you get out of something often relates to what you put into it. (Maybe you just haven’t found your real interest.)

    If you want to follow up on this you could visit me and my two principal correspondents, Burlingame and Graham via this website:

    Good luck, whoever you are.

    Jim Wheeler

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