Going Crazy Over Guitars…Part Deux

And now….the rest of the story.

So I go home, and my wife asks me what I want for Valentine’s Day. She could tell by the look on my face I had GAS, even though I tried to not show it or talk about it. Gift of the Magi, anyone?

Anyway, she agrees to let me get the guitars. She agreed to let me keep all 3, even though I said I only wanted to keep one!

Well, as it turns out, the two shredders were already sold. One was a B&W Granite Centaura (I think)…I don’t know if it was a USA or not, but at $200, it was worth a risk. And then there was a USA Chaparral for $450! Excellent condition, with a case!!! That’s the one I wanted to keep.

I’ve got an offer in on a Daytona USA…haven’t heard back.

So my GAS feels much better, knowing the ones I want simply aren’t available any more.


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