Going Crazy Over Guitars…

I’m going crazy with wanting to get a great score on a Hamer USA shredder.

Why?  I. Don’t. Know.  My playing style is far more appropriate to a Studio than a Shredder.  I can’t shred worth beans.

So why?

Maybe it’s because I always liked Jeff Watson more than Brad Gillis, and reading about the member who scored a Jeff Watson Hamer for a $550 BIN fills me with envy.

Maybe it’s because shredders look cool, like just holding one makes you a better player.

Maybe I harbor vain hopes that owning a truly good shredder will inspire or aid or make me a truly good shredder.

I think part of it is I’m so impressed with the quality on my Slammer by Hamer Indonesian-import Centaura (street value of just barely $100, I think), and even more impressed with the quality AND sound of my Hamer Korean-import Californian (street value of about $300), that I’m stunned that Hamer USA shredders are still selling for $1k+…sure, a Chaparral or Centaura can’t *really* be 3x better than an import Cali…but even twice as good would be…well, orgasmic or something.

And the other stories of people scoring good deals, and even seeing a picture of LadyScary’s 3 purple USA Californians (when I can’t even find *ONE* for an inexpensive price)…!  Well, again: it fills me with envy, and with a burning desire to have that success, too.

The reason it’s driving me crazy is because I can’t fulfill that desire.  If I did fulfill that desire, it would drive my wife crazy.  Better me than her.


I have seen a few that are underpriced by at least #200.  I *could* buy them and sell them for a little cash.  But I still have the Studio and Artist that I have $1800 tied up in, because I thought I was buying them underpriced.  And maybe I did, by not as much as I thought…but I don’t dare put them on eBay in this economic climate, because I am opposed in principle to ending an auction just because it isn’t netting as much as you want or need.

Now, I did score the Echotone for $138.  I should be able to make $200 or so on it, or maybe more: an Echotone in equal condition just sold for $417 or so just the other day on eBay.  You can look for mine there soon.  And I did find a 1977 Alvarez acoustic in a thrift shop for $15.  Even though the Alvarez’ don’t get as much as they should (a 32-year old acoustic in this condition should get at least $500…Alvarez’ just don’t–too  many of them on the market, but they are a great deal if you want great sound at a cheap price), but I should still make close to $200 on it.

That should be enough.  I shouldn’t lust after these other ones.

Especially because let’s say I do score a Hamer USA shredder in good condition, + Case, for less than $500.  First obstacle is getting the wife to agree to shell out $500.  But once I get it, I’m going to have the same problem I have with the Echotone: I bought it in order to sell it.  I justified it to my wife that way.  But…isn’t the joy of a Great Score to be able to play it and think, “I got this for less than half what it was worth!”.  Isn’t the joy to be able to post the pics here and say, “Yeah, dudes, I found this Hamer USA for less than $500!”.  Selling it would be a nice extra for the family, and would get approval and buy-in from my wife for future speculations…but I don’t think it would result in any real justification for having 10 keepers instead of 8.  Keeping it would still mean a loss of $500 in our family’s budget, from my wife’s perspective.

And she is ultra-frugal on herself…she waited months for a handbag to go on sale so she could get it for $22 instead of $30.  She hasn’t bought a pair of shoes that cost more than $10 in 3 years, and hasn’t bought shoes in 6 months.  In that time frame, I’ve spent about $8000 buying about 40 guitars, and selling 25 of them for about $5000…still leaving the family with $3k less than where I started…

Now, I’ll end up putting the family at about +$200 and me +6 guitars in the end.  That ain’t bad, that all my wheeling and dealing will net me my XT, Stellar 1, Import Cali, Sledgehammer, import Centaura and Rokstar travel guitar without losing any money in the process.

I should be proud.  I should be satisfied.


Help me through this, guys and gals…  Please…



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2 responses to “Going Crazy Over Guitars…

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Have you tried the Schecter Tempest Classic. Looks and sounds great.

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