Blogger’s Childhood Dream Nearing Reality

If you were the right age at the right time (…and believe me, the window on that was probably measured in months, if not weeks), you truly enjoyed the movie “Megaforce!”

(Bonus fun fact: Apparently the creators of South Park were as enamored of the movie as I was!)

Wikipedia does a great job of summing up the (simultaneous) reasons to both love and hate the movie when it includes: “…motorcycles (and dune buggies) launching missiles which proved lethal for main battle tanks (MBT). The dune buggies, “megadestroyers” or “megacruisers”, also had lasers that could destroy a tank in a single shot.”

Well, apparently there is a call for just such a mobile dune buggy force (albeit without the “lasers” or MBT armor-defeating missiles…because, really: who needs that these days?): 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Megaforce, er, Phoenix International!


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