Quelle Surprise: Liberals Still Lying About Who Had Congressional Majority the Last Two Years

Supposedly, 2008 was the year that Democrats gained a majority in the Senate and the House.

You can see liberal humorists touting that falsehood here and here. It was pointed out earlier that scads of people weren’t aware that Democrats controlled Congress starting from 2006, and that myth just keeps getting perpetuated.  Heck, even the moderate bloggers didn’t think it worth noting…although I know they are aware of the facts.  I guess it’s just that there’s no point in trying to quash a lie that gets repeated and repeated in more outlets than you can cover and dispute.

Yep, the Big Lie works for Democrats again.

And why would Democrats want to conceal the fact that they took over Congress in 2006?

Well, that’s kind of when the economy started to crap out, didn’t it?  And just about exactly concurrent to when the Democrats said they were going to repeal the Bush tax cuts, too.  Coincidence?  No.  But Democrats aren’t about accountability, or honesty, or owning up to their mistakes.  It’s all about advancing the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda.  So much so that when they cause a recession, they prescribe more of the same to cure it.  No crisis wasted, eh, President Obama?

Oh, what I would give for an independent press, or truly professional journalists!


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