Travel Guitar, Interlude

I decided to go with the Ministar Rokstar with P-90s.

The main reason why is that in all the reviews I saw of the Traveler Speedster and EG-1, they said you have to get used to having your picking hand/arm out in the air with nothing to rest on. And the knee rest puts the guitar very close to your leg.

Whereas 3 out of 4 reviews for Ministar guitars were extremely positive. The knee rest addition puts the picking location the same as a regular guitar. And there is an arm rest extension that lets you rest your forearm in the same place you would on a full-bodied guitar.

So it seems to me that playing a year on a Ministar guitar will affect my playing/picking position and technique far less than a Traveler guitar. I don’t want to have to relearn anything when I get back because positions are different.

Plus, they don’t seem to be marketing the Ministar guitars as cheap knockoffs. They are marketing them as actual substitutions for regular guitars…and the comments seem to indicate they are largely successful in doing so. 3 out of 4 reviewers said it was easy to set up, and when done, the action was good and the sound quality excellent. The Ministar website itself claims the frets and action are calculated and executed with care and precision. That was the thing that scared me the most: I didn’t want to end up with a guitar that couldn’t be in tune with itself, that had inconsistent fret heights, buzzing, high action, etc.

I will certainly let everyone know how it turns out once it gets here.


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  1. Did you ever get the ministar rokstar? If you did could you give us a quick review of what you think here (Ministar Rokstar)Also, link back to your post as its important we find real people with real experiences playing these things. I’ve had a hard time finding anyone who has one but me and they really are wonderful little additions to ones guitar collection.

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