It’s Different. Because it’s Democrats.

Victor Davis Hanson points some stuff out.  Sure, you probably already knew most of it (Heck, if you voted Republican, it was because you already knew it would happen 6 months ago!), but he puts it all in a nice, tidy lump.  Here’s part of it:

And in two weeks we went from the highest ethical standards in history to Richardson and Daschle pulling out for probable violations of the law and the new treasury secretary and de facto head of the IRS cheating on his taxes? And the secetary of labor suddenly paying off liens and lobbying for labor organizations? And ten-plus lobbyists appointed to a new no-lobbyist government? And when Hollywood used to give us movies like Rendition, and rants about Bush shredding the Constitution, what did hope-and-change give us? More FISA, the Patriotic Act, rendition, Iraq, and another year at least of Guantanamo—all now as necessary and legitimate as it once was Hitlerian. And after eight years of “Bush is trying to terrify us” we are told that anyone not voting for a new trillion dollars of debts is ushering in catastrophe, and without sudden change California will have no farms, no agriculture even. And for the incompetent, deer-in-the-headlights Scott McClellan, we got—incompetent, deer-in-the-headlights Robert Gibbs? Was that all hope-and-change was?

But most people won’t understand, because in their minds, only Republicans are evil, and Democrats are incapable of being corrupt, naive, wrong, evil, etc.  And so we will still have Democratic Party officials who will continue to screw everyone over, laughing all the way to the bank at the people naive enough to believe their campaign promises…


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