Guitars for Sale (#3)

Year 2000-ish Hamer Korean import Echotone.

Good condition.  Some white marks/scratches on sides, plus 2 on back.  Otherwise, some extremely light scratches that are hard to see.  The Tobacco Burst might be rare: when I told the Hamer forum I found this, they asked me: “Red or Aztec Gold?” as if Tobacco Burst wasn’t an option.  But I have seen at least one other Tobacco Burst echotone online, so this one certainly isn’t unique.  It isn’t the top-o-the-line, as it has the Tune-o-matic bridge, rather than the trapeze.  Semi-hollow body, not fully hollow.  Some static may indicate a loose wire, or maybe the pots just need to be cleaned.

But the sound is excellent, and the action is good.  Not high, but not lightning-fast-low, either.

Missing one tuning button.  Stays in good tune with vintage tuners.

$450 obo.  Comes with TKL case in decent condition.
2000ish Echotone in case

2000ish Echotone body detail 3

2000ish Echotone body detail 2

2000ish Echotone body detail 1

2000ish Echotone tuners

2000ish Echotone back

2000ish Echotone scratch 3

scratch 2

2000ish Echotone scratch 1
Comes with Duncan Design (original) pickups that do a good job.  But if you but some upgraded humbuckers in it, the guitar would be an amzing rocker, sounding as good as guitars worth far more.  The overall build quality on the Korean import Hamers is still very good.


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