Guitar for Sale (#5) 1995 Hamer Studio

1995 Hamer USA Studio in Blue over flamed maple. Works perfectly, sounds great.

There are a few minor dings on this guitar. Some pencil-tip sized dips that can only be seen from close up, some buckle rash light scratches on the back, and some marks on the back of the neck that have been touched up so it is as smooth as glass. Some “Hameritis” where the glue has discolored along the fretboard, but you can’t feel anything when you touch it.

All in all, a great guitar for 14 years old.

Original pickups.

I have chrome tuner buttons and chrome pickup rings if you want me to send them along for appearance options. No extra charge.

Comes with a case, but the case is quite beat up on the outside, yet structurally sound.

It has the discontinued Wilkinson wrap-around bridge.

$1000 obo.

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