The Guitar(s) I Want Now

Here’s one.  I would hope the green looks slightly better in person.  But I love the Swamp Ash tone, and it looks like the fingerboard is ebony, which is great for speed work, and I hear helps clarify tone, too.

Here’s a second.  I used to like solid/opaque colors, but over the last few years, I’ve jumped on the natural/tinted wood grain.  This one would still look pretty good, though, being all black.  Both guitars have great sonic flexibility, both have 24 frets, neck-through-body, but this one also has the fixed bridge I prefer and stainless steel frets for loooooong fret life.  But best of all, both are about $200 cheaper than if I custom-ordered myself, and are ready NOW (instead of having to wait 11 weeks or so to have one built).  Now if I can just find $900 to $1000 dollars sitting around.

To tell the truth, if I bought one of these, it would obviate my current Carvin and one of my import Hamers, or the import Californian and Ferneither andes, depending on whether I got the trem-equipped or fixed bridge model.  In either case, selling the obviated guitars would probably net me $500, which would still leave me having to justify $400 to the Keeper of the Family Funds.  And I’d end up with less guitars.  So I’ll probably just leave well enough alone.

But it is nice to dream.


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