New American Holiday: Happy Super Bowl Day!

Apparently, I’m not the only one to think this way.

But it makes sense.  People get together, drink, eat all sorts of goodies.  Watching the Super Bowl isn’t always the main activity, although it is the reason for the gathering.  But non-football fans attend, too.  Some watch the game…maybe the only game they watch all year.  The kids all get together and play.  Wives who are completely uninterested in watching even this one game a year still get together to talk, gossip, bond, etc.  And some wives (and maybe husbands, for all I know) use the Super Bowl as a competition to show off their hostess skills, creativity in snack prepation, decorating, etc.

“What are you doing/Where are you going for the Super Bowl?” is now almost as common as the same question for New Year’s Eve.

…or maybe that’s just my impression from being in the military, where we look for more opportunities for social gathering because people move so much.


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