Stimulus? Nope: Pork. Democratic Party Congress Blowing It

Here’s one take on it.  Excerpt:

If candidate Obama had posted this $1 trillion-plus hodge-podge of new spending and tax pork on his website and had vowed to make its enactment his #1 priority, would things have turned out as they did on Election Day?


Is it even remotely conceivable that Obama would have won the support of 22% of conservatives? Or that he would have carried a comfortable majority of political Independents? Would Democrats have prevailed in contested House races in Idaho, Alabama, New Mexico, Florida, and Virginia? Or Senate seats in North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, and even Louisiana?


No, if the election had been a referendum on whether the new president should double federal education spending immediately, add a quarter trillion dollars in new entitlement spending, dramatically expand the entire welfare state, and bail out the most profligate state governments, Obama would still be in the Senate and Rod Blagojevich would still be governor of Illinois.

Take #2.  Excerpt:

Had it been written in the White House, we might have had a clean bill. Instead, it was written by the House, by Pelosi, and it is one of the ugliest ever produced by an American legislature.

It has got pork. It is a 40-year wish list. It has all the stuff that you heard about. It’s novel length-a late Norman Mailer novel long. You throw a dart at it and you will have on any page six items which are outrageous.

Yet another short piece.  Excerpt:

The more you look at the stimulus bill the clearer it becomes that it is the Congressional Democrats, not the opponents of this bill, who have failed to see that we are in a genuine and exceptional crisis. They’re working to use the moment as an opportunity to advance the same agenda they haven’t been able to move (with good reason) for a decade and more, and in the process are showing that agenda to be what we always knew it was: a massively wasteful, reckless, profligate, slovenly, higgledy-piggledy mess of interest group troughs and technocratic fantasies devoid of any economic thinking or sense of proportion.


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