Baby Boomers!!

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling a little irked:

TIGERHAWK: “Having been a target of commercial opportunity during its entire sentient existence, the Baby Boomer generation’s lasting legacy may well be to have been the first American generation to have consumed more, or at least as much, as it has produced. . . . If generations actually had their own moral legacy, we Boomers would be the dependent loser — the one kid who could never hold a job and never save a nickel and was always asking for a ‘loan’ — of the American family. If we had a generational sense of duty (which we do not, obviously), we would realize that we need to surrender the long-tail entitlement benefits that bear down on the American economy. My thoughts on that subject are here.”



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2 responses to “Baby Boomers!!

  1. Stewart

    blah blah blah … it’s so fashionable today to bash Boomers, evidently the less than courageous amongst us have decided this is their safest target. Once the target was racial minorities, then women, then liberals, today the mouths slam Boomers — for everything.

    You know, the Greatest Generation did everything perfect. Like, it didn’t leave a deficit for its kids. It didn’t start a stupid war that killed its kids. It was not consumed by hatred for any groups. As for Generation X, its cynicism and – enough! It’s all silly games using mindless generalizations to project anger.

    • chiefmuser

      That was a beautiful rant!

      However, this is not exctly a case of blaming everything on a minority due to differences of appearance or culture.

      It is a demographics issue. The fact is that there is a “Boomer” generation, they have statistically predictable opinions spreads, they have used their demographic numerical plurality through both political and economic means to shape our society in a direction that benefits the Baby Boomer generation to the detriment of all other demographic groups.

      This is demonstrable.

      A variation of the “everyone else does it” excuse doesn’t really resolve the damage to our nation brought about by Boomers voting and marketing for the benefit of Boomers.

      It is the right of people to use their power for their own benefit. That is a significant part of the economic and political freedom we enjoy. However, it is also perfectly okay for others to use their right of free speech to decry it.

      If anyone starts passing laws and policies that discriminate against Boomers, you might have a point. Unfortunately for the efficacy of your argument (or lack thereof), the exact opposite has happened for approximately the last 40 years straight.

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