CNN’s Pro-Obama Bias

Within a 15-minute time span on CNN, I saw:

1) Obama Inauguration T-shirts being hawked by CNN (“I watched it on CNN!”, so it was as much about CNN as Obama, but still…)

2) A “reporter” said that President Bush hadn’t carved his initials anywhere in the White House…at least as far as she knew (she grudgingly admitted)

3) Obama’s first day as President was reverentially detailed with hushed, awed respect

4) Obama was praised for the “decision to suspend all Guantanamo trials for 120 days”, even though the complaint about President Bush was all “the people being held without trial.”

5) In the same segment, Obama was praised for a judge’s decision to halt KSM’s trial.  Sure, Obama requested the decision…but it still seems a stretch to say he “fulfilled a campaign promise” (as the CNN reporter described it) by merely making a request.

Bah.  CNN sucks.


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