Sharpe Iffy for the Hall of Fame, IMHO

I have problems with him being considered a TE and going into the HoF as a TE. He is more of a big WR than a TE. He wasn’t known for his blocking, and as I recall, I don’t remember him playing like a TE or being a big red zone target or anything. He was fast enough for his position that he could beat LBers when teams lined up to stop Smith and McCaffery. He did it long enough that he’s got good numbers, but when you put his numbers up to a comparable possession WR (which is how he played), he doesn’t really have that much.

TonyG plays like a TE: blocks well in the run, uses his body to block out defenders, catches the ball in traffic, drags defenders with him, great Red Zone target. Yet because his numbers were so amazing, I’ve seen people compare him more to a mediocre WR than Sharpe (for whom the comparison is much more accurate).

But Sharpe did hold the records momentarily, and he’s got 3 rings, and he was a big part of those 3 rings, so you can’t talk about NFL/Super Bowl history in those years without mentioning Sharpe, so I expect he’ll get in…but he was the lowest on my list of those I would choose to make it.


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