Hamer Guitar Lust Problem

Painted green, with a painted “JB” that can’t be removed, and tape binding that can.

Seller says top is probably flamed maple, but I doubt it.

Says the bridge pickup is PJMaxx and neck pickup is original.

Price is $350.

I’m strongly considering it. I’ve got 21 hours and 30 minutes. I’ll also have to talk my wife into letting me buy it, so I could use some good arguments.

It would only be for the playability/sound, since it wouldn’t be collectible with the modifications, and also not a good investment guitar.


…man, I want it. It isn’t beautiful, but it isn’t especially ugly, either. I’d love to have it for the tone/sound, and then 5-10 years later get it refinished/restored…it would be like getting a brand new guitar.

My wife is saying “no”, because I still haven’t sold the investment guitars (I’m planning on doing that this upcoming weekend…too late for this). I’m considering getting it anyway, but I’d have to hide it, and that isn’t honest.



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2 responses to “Hamer Guitar Lust Problem

  1. I saw that item on eBay and I just didn’t trust it. One thing about eBay, another one will come along. Get the cash first and then lay in waiting…

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