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Stimulus? Nope: Pork. Democratic Party Congress Blowing It

Here’s one take on it.  Excerpt:

If candidate Obama had posted this $1 trillion-plus hodge-podge of new spending and tax pork on his website and had vowed to make its enactment his #1 priority, would things have turned out as they did on Election Day?


Is it even remotely conceivable that Obama would have won the support of 22% of conservatives? Or that he would have carried a comfortable majority of political Independents? Would Democrats have prevailed in contested House races in Idaho, Alabama, New Mexico, Florida, and Virginia? Or Senate seats in North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, and even Louisiana?


No, if the election had been a referendum on whether the new president should double federal education spending immediately, add a quarter trillion dollars in new entitlement spending, dramatically expand the entire welfare state, and bail out the most profligate state governments, Obama would still be in the Senate and Rod Blagojevich would still be governor of Illinois.

Take #2.  Excerpt:

Had it been written in the White House, we might have had a clean bill. Instead, it was written by the House, by Pelosi, and it is one of the ugliest ever produced by an American legislature.

It has got pork. It is a 40-year wish list. It has all the stuff that you heard about. It’s novel length-a late Norman Mailer novel long. You throw a dart at it and you will have on any page six items which are outrageous.

Yet another short piece.  Excerpt:

The more you look at the stimulus bill the clearer it becomes that it is the Congressional Democrats, not the opponents of this bill, who have failed to see that we are in a genuine and exceptional crisis. They’re working to use the moment as an opportunity to advance the same agenda they haven’t been able to move (with good reason) for a decade and more, and in the process are showing that agenda to be what we always knew it was: a massively wasteful, reckless, profligate, slovenly, higgledy-piggledy mess of interest group troughs and technocratic fantasies devoid of any economic thinking or sense of proportion.


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The Government You Pay For

From Iain Murray on The Corner:

In fact, it seems that the model we are following is this one: government and lobbyists use regulation and innovation to stop the market from innovating; government and lobbyists perceive need for that market innovation; government pays market to implement innovation by paying costs of regulation and litigation from taxpayer funds; government and lobbyists finally say the market has failed and only government can provide genuine progress. 

It’s all about turf and autonomy.

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More “Blame the Boomers!”

Still Via Instapundit:

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: “If anyone wished to know what the baby-boomer generation would do when, in its full maturity, it hit its first self-created, big-time recession, I think we are seeing the hysterical results. After two decades of unprecedented economic growth, rampant consumer spending, and unimaginable borrowing to satisfy our insatiable appetites, we are suddenly going into even larger debt and printing trillions of dollars in paper money to ensure that someone else after we are gone pays the debt.” Fortitude has never been a Boomer virtue.


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Baby Boomers!!

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling a little irked:

TIGERHAWK: “Having been a target of commercial opportunity during its entire sentient existence, the Baby Boomer generation’s lasting legacy may well be to have been the first American generation to have consumed more, or at least as much, as it has produced. . . . If generations actually had their own moral legacy, we Boomers would be the dependent loser — the one kid who could never hold a job and never save a nickel and was always asking for a ‘loan’ — of the American family. If we had a generational sense of duty (which we do not, obviously), we would realize that we need to surrender the long-tail entitlement benefits that bear down on the American economy. My thoughts on that subject are here.”


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Farewell to Herman Edwards

Good article.


There was never a coach more loyal to an organization than Herm Edwards was with the Chiefs, and even when he disagreed with the powers-that-be, he made as much lemonade as he could out of a bunch of old and rotting lemons.  Edwards was also not the stubborn coach everyone thought him to be initially- when something did not work, he was open to change, as his changing offensive strategies and fourth-down gambles showed.  Maybe he was not a great in-game adjuster, but he was a great overall adjuster.  Though the Chiefs’ 2-14 record was miserable, let us not forget that many of those 14 losses were exciting games that the Chiefs really had no business making so exciting. 

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Obama Headed Toward Failure as President

It’s early, I know, but here’s the deal:

1) He’s already talking down the economy, saying things are much worse than he expected, and it will take longer to recover.  That’s Loser talk.  That’s trying to find excuses before he even tries.  We elected him to be a leader, not to try and lower the bar for the outcomes of his effort.

2) Some of his first actions were to make half-hearted announcements to “fulfill” campaign promises through rhetoric rather than action.  He has stated an intent to close Guantanamo within a year and get US troops out of Iraq in 16 months.  I’m betting neither of those things actually happen on time.

3) Regarding Iraq, his attempt to “fulfill” his campaign promise to get US troops out of Iraq is doubly empty since the only reason he can even do it 24 months is because President Bush put the right people in place to succeed.  It is now safe enough to leave Iraq, something Obama insisted was an impossible notion in his campaign.  His refusal to admit being wrong does not speak well of him as either a man or a President.

4) He has not shown any inclination to rein in Congressional Democrats’ pork and corruption.  Our economy is bad because from 2006-2008, Democrats in Congress sent signals to the economy that success would be punished with higher taxes, and there would be no accountability for bad loans.  The current Congressional Democrat solution is to do more of the same.  Frank, Dodd, and Rangel are not being held accountable for their corrupt practices that added to the financial crisis, either.

The US has lived beyond its means for years, and Obama’s solution is to complain that “It’s too hard to fix!” while allowing the Congressional Democrats to push the nation even farther beyond its means in order to gather the political capital (buying votes) to withstand the appropriate consequences of driving the nation’s economy into the dirt.

Thanks, Obama!

Thanks, Democrats!

I can’t wait until 2010 or 2012 when we can get some adults who understand cause and effect back in control of the country.


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A Question, Regarding Scholarship

I’ve started my Master’s in Strategic Intelligence.

Should I post my papers on this website, or not?  Would it encourage plagiarism, or not?  Would you be interested, or not?

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