Will Herm Be the Chief’s Coach Next Year?

I can’t find the original report, but ESPN’s Chris Mortensen apparently says no.   On a chat message board, a poster said:

Herm Edwards is on the way out he believes. He said that Clark Hunt wants a new young GM to grow with and that most likely means a new head coach.

Thinking critically, it is too soon to assume anything about Herm.

In this report, we have a fact and an assumption.

Mort has learned (along with everyone else…it’s not exactly a secret) that Clark wants a new young GM. Someone with an eye for talent.  Someone who will help develop the Chiefs’ identity.

Based on Mort’s experience (along with everyone else…again, it’s not exactly a secret), a new GM will want his own coach, and Herm is gone.

This is an assumption.

A counter-fact is that Clark backed Herm’s vision for the team over CP’s, leading to CP’s departure.  That [i]strongly[/i] indicates Herm has good standing in Clark’s vision for the team’s future.

One could also easily assume that Clark wants a new, young GM because, in part, he can dictate to him to hold on to Herm as Head Coach for at least another year.

From what I understand of Clark’s personality, this is more likely.

Actual journalism is on the decline all over the place, in sports as well as politics.
A good reporter would research and include a list of GM’s who have NOT replaced the coach when they took over, and perhaps even explain/compare/contrast the reasons behind it, instead of just giving a gut reaction/judgment.

I’m not saying Mort is a bad reporter, but this sort of opinion is no better than anyone else’s opinion.


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