Herm Edwards: A Few Thoughts

1) Herm is a good coach.
Evidence: look at how bad the situation there is.  Exactly 2 years ago, Mangini was supposedly a genius who rebuilt the Jets into a playoff team from the shambles of Herm’s suckiness.  Yet Mangini is now fired.  1 playoff appearance in 3 seasons, no playoff wins.
Herm, on the other hand, made it to the playoffs 3 times in 5 years, with 2 playoff wins. 

Only 4 coaches in the history of the Jets have lasted for 5 years.  Herm is one of them.  Two of the other three only made the playoffs twice, one only made it once.  All have far lower percentages for making the playoffs.  Herm is tied with two other coaches with 2 playoff wins.

Herm survived, and actually somewhat succeeded in a place that chews up and spits out coaches.

2)  Herm is not a good coach.
I wait until all the evidence is in before I make a judgment.  It would be silly to judge Herm a failure when we are 2-10, then have the team go on a tear and win the final 4 games with large margins of victory.  Likewise, it would be silly to judge Herm a success when we are 2-10 but actually competitive against playoff-caliber teams in 4 straight games.  Because anything can happen in the last 4 games.

Well, anything did happen.  We laid an egg against Buffalo.  In retrospect, that’s when the wind fully left our sails.  We were competitive against the Broncos and Chargers after that, yes, but in hindsight, you can see the team wondering how they were going to manage to lose this time…

And in the last game of the season, when the players were auditioning for a job and had a chance to make a case for Herm staying the Head Coach, they sucked.

3) Herm is a good coach.
It isn’t every coach who has the confidence to let his O Coordinator go against his own conservative offensive vision and run a tricky, wide open offense.  Herm let Gailey do it, and was rewarded with a fairly prolific offense that could (and did!) score on anyone.  Everyone who said Herm was inflexible and stubbornly conservative was proven dead wrong.

4) Herm is not a good coach.
There is no excuse for our defense being this bad.  Injuries play a factor, yes.  The Broncos might have been 9-7 or even 10-6 with consistency in their running game.  But the fact is, despite injury/performance problems in their secondary (Both CB and S), all over the RB squad, and even their O-line, the Broncos overcame the problems and nearly won the division.  The fact that Shanahan allowed the greatest division-lead collapse in NFL history is one of the only sweet moments I will take from this barren season.

Herm and Gunther should have been able to do better with what they had.  Our secondary is actually pretty good.  We shouldn’t have gone into training camp with Nap Harris on the roster if we weren’t going to let him play.  We shouldn’t have gone into the season with Pat Thomas as the MLB and no experience at MLB to replace him.  We shouldn’t have gone into the season expecting Donnie Edwards to be a full-time player. 
We had reason to believe we were set at D-line…but we should have been more active before the trading deadline once it became obvious that were absolutely NOT set at D-line.
Our secondary looks like they might actually be pretty good.  So why are we still 28th in pass defense?

Herm has done some very good things here, like finding some good players to build on and keeping the players from quitting even at 2-12 (although they apparently quit at 2-13).
But his failures on the defense outweigh his successes. 

Bottom line: Herm should go.  If Clark decides he stays, then he should replace the ST coach, and all the defensive coaches other than Gibbs.


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