Carl Peterson Has Resigned from His Post as Chiefs’ GM

Many of the details here.

Some say it was time for him to go.

All I know is he did a dang good job of resurrecting the Chiefs program and reputation from the depths it has sunk in the late 70s and into the 80s.  For that, he deserves our respect and gratitude.

He was one of the best in the business at getting his Head Coaches exactly what they wanted.

But he failed to bring a Super Bowl appearance to Kansas City, much less a Super Bowl win.  Part of that was hiring the wrong Head Coaches.  Part of that was listening a little bit too much to fans, perhaps?  But a good large part of it is that it is extremely difficult to win a Super Bowl when there are so many other teams trying to do the same thing.

For instance, did Shanahan somehow lose the ability to make it to a Super Bowl?  Did Holmgren somehow forget how to coach a team to a Super Bowl win?  Why couldn’t Jimmy Johnson do the same magic in Miami that he did in Dallas?  Bill Cowher, Tom Coughlin, and Brian Billick all have one Super Bowl win each…are they all equally great coaches?

Did Bill Polian suddenly figure out how to make a Super Bowl winning team with the Colts?  Was he inept in crafting a team that lost the Super Bowl four straight years in a row?

Or does chance have something to do with it?  The Chiefs have always peaked in years that there are several strong teams, and struggled in the years when an extremely weak/flawed team like the Baltimore Ravens win it all.

So I don’t hold the lack of Super Bowl appearances against Carl Peterson.  I wish we had made it before he resigned, but I am still happy with all the memories I have of great KC teams and games while Carl was in charge.  And the coaches/players he assembled are inseparable from those memories.

Thanks, Carl!  Whatever else you do in life, I hope it is successful and fulfilling!


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