Not Necessarily Breaking News

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, Democrats are pretty dang corrupt.

They just get away with it.

Why?  Complicit media, and the traditional reputations of the parties.  For instance, how can the Democrats still have the reputation of being the party of the common worker, and be so hostile towards the NASCAR society? How can Republicans be the party only of the elite, but own so much of the so-called “red state” vote?

These apparent contradictions result in Democrats plaintively asking, “Why do so many Republicans vote against their economic interest?!?!”  …which, of course, begs the question why they define a rigid caste structure created by excessive socialism to be against anyone’s economic interests.  And also begs the question why the expect blacks and gays and women, et al, to ignore economic issues to vote purely on social issues, but expect middle and lower economic class whites to ignore social issues and vote purely on economic issues.

But I digress.

The point is, socialism = corruption, in my book.  The pro-socialist elite always finds ways to exempt themselves from rigid socialist restrictions on wealth accumulation, because they are the ones sacrificing lucrative private-sector jobs to be in charge of redistributing all the wealth, or for educating and organizing the peasants lower/middle-class citizens into a political power structure that makes socialism possible…and they expect to be richly rewarded for their noble efforts and/or sacrifice.”  Luckily, since they are also the ones setting government, teacher, and social worker salaries, they can do so fairly easily.  Once accustomed to fleecing the flock through legislation, but still feeling underpaid and/or underappreciated, they use their power to accumulate wealth in other ways.

The result?  Dianne Feinstein is far more corrupt than Duke Cunningham.  Just by knowing which one went to jail and which one is still in office, you can guess which is Republican and which is Democrat.  Barney Frank and Chris Dodd clearly violated nearly every financial/governing ethic in the book, but are safe in their seats.  Charles Rangel went farther than just ignoring ethics, and committed several acts that are apparently completely illegal.   But Democrats are just considering what to do, because he’s a senior ranking member who reliably wins the seat for Democrats…



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2 responses to “Not Necessarily Breaking News

  1. Neither side is more corrupt than the other. Power breeds corruption, and thus politicians have to fight that more, period. If we were to list all of the people on one side or the other, and be able to see their hearts they would be pretty darn even…

    • chiefmuser

      I think there’s something to this.
      I will probably expand the idea in a full post later, as long as I don’t –hey, look! A squirrel!

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