A Political Question

More Illinois political scandals, this one perpetrated by the Democrat Party Governer.

Right now, the only connection to President-Elect Obama is that the main charge is corruption over selling Obama’s Senate seat.

But Rezko is involved, as well.

And unlike Gov. Sarah Palin (R), Obama didn’t really do anything to try and end or slow corruption.

So if one of these corruption situations ends up demonstrating that Obama took some money to do dirty deeds, or even just took dirty money, what happens?

There’s no way it could nullify the election, is there?  He isn’t actually the President yet, so he lacks some of the immunities…

I guess the worst that could happen is that after he is inaugurated, President Obama could be impeached.  And if found guilty by Congress, he could be removed from office.

I’m not saying that *should* happen, mind you.  At the present time, the worst crime that can be definitively placed on Obama’s head is just not doing anything to stop corrupt Illinois politics.  Not honorable, but not necessarily illegal, illicit, or even reprehensible. 

However, if he is proven to be closely (or even moderately) connected to these corruption cases, things get really messy.

It would be bad for the US if he resigned in disgrace…but it would probably be even worse for the US if he was not removed from office despite being guilty, for reasons other than guilt/innocence.

I guess my hope is that he can be definitely exonerated of any connections with this corruption.



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4 responses to “A Political Question

  1. Interesting Question, I think it all comes down to the Electoral College.

    If the President-Elect were say, arrested, the Electoral College would have to change their vote. If no single candidate had 50% of the votes, then the Congress would come into play; and it would be the current Congress, not the new one coming into office in January.

  2. Do you have a link for me? I have no idea what you are talking about…

  3. I guess it does? I missed it? Don’t ask how I have no idea 🙂

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