Fixing the Chiefs in the 2009 Off-Season, Pt 1

Okay, the Chiefs will be 5-11 at best, and more likely 4-12.

We’ve figured out some places that we don’t need to address in the future draft.  I think we’re pretty well set at CB, S, DT, QB, WR, TE, and LT.  And maybe you can throw LG, C, RB, and FB in there, too.

We need to get some pressure on the QB.  Setting an NFL all-time record for sack futility is not just a cry for help, it defies any attempt to exaggerate.

Some say we need a pass-rushing DE.  Some say we need to draft a MLB first.  Some idiots are still saying we need to use our 1st round pick on a top QB!

Personally, I think our first round pick should be LB.  If the best choice is a MLB, take him and then use the offseason to shift Derrick Johnson from MLB back to strong-side LB (since he did so badly at weak-side this season).  If an OLB seems the best, then we can leave DJ at MLB (since he didn’t do bad there this last game).  But a LB it needs to be. 

I say that because a good LB with good speed can have a huge impact in pressuring the QB, too.  And our D-line is already fairly good at stuffing the run.  The problem has been when the opposing offense gets enough hats on our D-linemen, and then our LBs whiff on the tackles, letting the opposing RB get nearly 5 yards/carry.

So I would recommend our 1st pick be a LB, then our 2nd pick be a DE or LB, whichever looks like the better player available (no need to reach).  Then the 3rd round pick should again be DE or LB.  Then by the time we get to 4th and below, we can start just taking all sorts of O-line players.  You can get some good starting Centers, Right Guards, and maybe even a RT in the later rounds.  At any point a LB is a better player than the available linemen, take another one, because LB depth hurt us bad, too.

Oh, and let’s replace our Defensive Coordinator.  I’d be in favor of elevating David Gibbs, for instance.  And then let the new DC decide which top-notch LB coach to hire, and whether or not to replace the DL coach.  Because those two squads have under-achieved for years, now.


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