Why I’m Not Posting Much Politics Lately

I agree with my old blog-buddy 100%.  Right down the line.

When Obama starts leading, I may be moved to critique.  But it will be on the merits, not the sort of cheap shots that have been slung at President Bush over the last 8 years.

And I refuse to let others define Gov. Sarah Palin.  I’ll support her when and if it becomes appropriate to do so.  Until then, she’s the governor of a state in which I don’t reside.



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7 responses to “Why I’m Not Posting Much Politics Lately

  1. I’m with you on this one, too. Obama won fair and square, let’s get over it and get on with our lives, rather than whining like a bunch of ultra-left Dems that we got screwed, like they did with Bush. Truth is, the Republican party largely screwed itself. Let’s put more energy towards rebuilding and refocusing the Republican Party for the next election, and hope Obama doesn’t screw up things too much. Besides, if the courts decide that his ascendancy to the Presidency is illegitimate because of his birthplace (fat chance), wouldn’t that mean that Biden would be President? And who on earth would want THAT?

  2. That doesn’t mean you are going totally to football, right? I loath football…

    • chiefmuser

      No, I’ll still do all my social commentary, guitar stuff, neat things I stumble across.

      But football will always be a big part of what I post, of course. Its why I gave myself the name “Chief” muser, and why the site addy is red state “Chief”. I like puns, and the Chiefs’ colors are red, so…

  3. Awesome, by the way my best friend is a KC fan so I totally got where the name came from. My mom ruined FB for me back when I was little and Sunday night was the only night for Disney movies. Never failed I would be half an hour into a Disney movie (you know back when people only watched a show or two a week) and she would come in and turn the channel to some Denver game… *sigh

    • chiefmuser

      I can completely understand that watching the Denver Broncos could (and should!) turn all right-minded people off from NFL football.

  4. ROFL, I just pictured my mother getting completely irate at that comment (thanks I needed a laugh!)

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