Seth Lover

On my last post, I referenced “Seth Lover” pickups.

The reason I mentioned them is the listing on eBay for the Hamer Artist Custom guitar specified Seth Lover pickups.

But I didn’t know anything beyond that.

As it turns out, Seth Lover is the guy who actually invented humbucker pickups for Gibson.  He was an amplifier designer who figured out that if you wire up two pickups in an out-of-phase series, it cancels out that 60-cycle hum that all electric guitars had up until that point.
(Which, incidentally, was where the name “humbucker” came from, I guess.  I knew a double coil had a fatter sound, but I didn’t know it was invented in order to “buck”, i.e., cancel out, the hum…)
Gibson applied for the patent, and those pickups became known as the Patent Applied For pickups, or PAFs.
It may be apocryphal, but supposedly Seth also came up with the design for the Flying V guitar when he tried to design a guitar that could be securely leaned up against a wall.
Seymour Duncan considered Seth Lover his “humbucker mentor”.  The Seth Lover humbucker pickup was a joint effort between Seth Lover and Seymour Duncan to craft an authentic recreation of the old PAF pickups.

This is my source of information, but you can find more with a quick Google search.


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