Hamer Guitar #1 For Sale

The first of my investment Hamers came last night.

It is a beautiful ’95 Hamer Studio in Transparent Indigo over maple flame.  Simply gorgeous, and she sounds like heaven.

 I’ll put pictures up of it soon, and probably a YouTube video of me playing it (to get an idea of its tone).

The point was that I saw it with a really good “buy it now” price on it on eBay; I bought it.  Now, I really can’t afford such an expensive guitar.  I’d have to sell all my other guitars to make up for what I put into this one, and so I’d have less sonic/technical flexibility, no?  So I bought it with the intention of getting the fun of playing on it for a few weeks while I attempt to sell it with postings on Craigslist and on local bulletin boards.  Why?  Well, I guaranteed my wife it would be an investment, and we won’t lose any money on it.  I said I was certain we could make at least $300.  I don’t want to put it on eBay and a) lose the posting fee, sales fee, and PayPal fee off the top of my sale b) risk having it not sell for at least $300 more than I paid for it.  I don’t think it would be much of a risk, because the “buy it now” price really was quite low…but why take that chance if I don’t have to?

So if you are thinking of buying you or someone you love a really nice guitar: a 1995 Hamer Studio, be thinking what kind of price you would be willing to pay. 

Next up is a Hamer Artist Custom, a semi-hollow body with a natural finish over flamed maple, and Seth Lover pickups.  I also picked up with minutes of the eBay “but it now” posting.  I think some people either don’t know what their guitars are worth, or don’t care (vengeful ex-‘s?), or need to sell in a hurry.  In any case, I’ve taken advantage of that twice, and if I make money off of these two, it might be an extra sideline to earn cash for my family…and at some point, I should end up with enough to be able to keep one of the top-of-the-line beauties for myself!

Pictures soon.


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One response to “Hamer Guitar #1 For Sale

  1. josh

    would love to see pics of the hamers for sale..


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