Missing the Point*

This article says that the “best” woman’s figure is not “hourglass”, but with a more “column” shape, i.e., equal size waist/hips.

Here’s the catch: They elide over the most important point slightly, i.e., “best” is defined as “make the most money” or “compete in the business world”.

So what they end up saying, in a round-about way, is: women who have more male hormones which result in more male-ish shapes do better in a male-optimized competition business society.

Put another way, the “best” woman shape is a Man’s shape!


*of course, I’m really just trolling for Hot Air traffic to slide over to this blog.


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One response to “Missing the Point*

  1. Since this is the 3rd reply today, gotta tell you I didn’t realize you were making posts either!

    Then on to the subject, I don’t know why people try to make any such argument (or similar), as I could totally put a spin on this… Of course those woman are doing better in business, after all I have the curves to land myself a man so that I don’t have to do anything in business. ROFL

    Then for some real stuff, I don’t think our shape has anything to do with out performance, unless we let it…

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