Wrong On Many Levels

This is a good example of what I hate about sex education funded/planned by social liberals.

I don’t like the fact that she considers making love to her to be “a ride”. I don’t like the fact that she has had this happen so many times that she has a prepared speech…just how many casual sexual encounters has she had, anyway? From beginning to end in the commercial, she treats sex as if it were an activity as innocuous as watching a movie or going bicycle riding.

Right message, perhaps (if you can’t abstain, wear a condom!), but an absolutely horrible “objectification of women and/or the act of love” context in which to present it.

I go back to the guideline that causes me to remain a social conservative:
Would you want your daughter to think this attitude is acceptable? Would you want your grand-daughter to? Do you want your son/grand-son to seek out a woman like this?


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