PINNED: Help a Veteran

I know this won’t work, but here is the code I’m trying to paste: …hoping this works. If it does, thank Bobo!

…still doesn’t work.  I read that it may be because I’m using the free version of Word Press.

It finally worked! Thanks The BoBo! Go give.

This is what I’m trying to join.



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9 responses to “PINNED: Help a Veteran

  1. Okay – even though you’re a chief’s fan – I guess I’ll help out a fellow zoomie. 🙂

    I have a wordpress blog also. When you are posting – you have a choice – you can post either in “Visual” mode or “html” mode. Switch over to “html”. You’ll see the choices at the top right corner.

    Erase all this stuff you have – then – copy/paste the code again. once you do that – switch over to “visual” mode again and you should see the donation link graphic.

    If you’re still having difficulties – shoot me an e-mail – you should have it now from this post.

    In case you’re wondering – I joined the AF team on Project Valour-IT and posted up the team blog roll on my site. I found you through there.

    and..after reading ur “about” page – I was an A20835C when I was in.

    See ya – oh – and – Go Steelers!

  2. Or if the code doesn’t work on the main stuff sometimes you can still add it on the side bar.

  3. Hmmm…I have a self-hosted and a free wordpress blog.

    I attempted to load it on my free wordpress blog – and – it didn’t work on mine either.

    That sucks!

    I even tried to load it as a sidebar html widget as suggested by Terra up there – didn’t work either.

    Oh well – I guess it’s the thought that counts right? BTW – did you happen to notice that the coast guard hi-jacked all the codes? Maybe that might have something to do with it? know code on my regular hosted blog works…I’m going to try that code and see if it works.

    As Ahnold would say – Ah’ll be bock!

  4. thebobofiles

    It works! send me an e-mail at thebobofiles at gmail dot com and I will send you the correct code. I noticed that the code that is currently up at the project valour IT site is not the same code as what I have on my site.

    They hi-jacked the codes – so – they don’t work right now. But – I grabbed the code before it got hi-jacked – so – it will work – or – at least it should work.

    So – send me that e-mail so I can send you the code. It worked on my free wordpress blog so it should work on yours as well.

  5. Do you know how many freakin’ updates I missed because I didn’t realize that you had left this as a sticky post?

    Darn you. Darn you to heck.

  6. chiefmuser

    Well, if you thought I was important enough to put on RSS…

    No, wait, then I don’t get blog hits.

    Dangit. Okay, I’ll fix it.

  7. I donate locally do I still get credit? 😛

  8. If you go to; design – widgets – text (add) you should be able to put the HTML in and this will show up in your side bar, so we don’t miss your posts thinking that you aren’t posting 🙂

    Just remember to push save changes after you add the html, and after saving the changes to that part (two different saves)…

    You can move it up and down on the side too 🙂 not that you have to, but I was disappointed that I missed a bunch of posts… 😦

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