My View of Conservative Marketplace of Ideas in Action

This guy has the approach I prefer:

In short, we should be best considering how to promote gay marriage.  Protest is not the solution.  Intelligent advocacy is.

It would help if more gay marriage advocates actually understood (as Jonathan Rauch does) the purpose of marriage and could explain why we need preserve this ancient institution and extend its definition–and protection–to include same-sex couples.

But, they’d rather focus on the language of rights, when we need discuss responsibilities.

I’m open to being persuaded to support gay marriage on the basis of responsibilities rather than rights.  In fact, it is the strawman arguments and logical fallacies on the part of gay marriage advocates that has done the most to convince me we shouldn’t legally recognize gay marriage.  So the approach advocated by Gay Patriot is the only one that could ever work for me, and I think is the only way the Conservative populace will ever be won over.

The way to convince Conservatives is not through threats, shows of force, verbal tricks, but through demonstrated maturity and responsibility.  If homosexuals can get parents and grandparents to equate homosexuality with maturity and responsibility, then it will be approved.  To this point, however, homosexuality is equated with self-absorption, gratification of shallow desires and short-term goals, petulance, disrespect for inherited wisdom, etc.  And based on demonstrated behaviors to date, that equation is well-deserved.

If people like Gay Patriot were in the majority…or if they are, then if people like Gay Patriot were the leaders of the homsexual movement, there would be no problem with fulfilling their agenda.  I see zero evidence of it.



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