This Is Really Disturbing…

Disturbing on many levels.

I might be willing to grant you that with the way the crowd was acting, he might have been assaulted or killed for wearing the McCain-Palin shirt (gotta love that tolerant left attitude!  Cuz if you don’t love it, they’ll beat you to a bloody pulp…), so perhaps the police were merely proactively acting to protect him.


Freedom of Speech violated

Freedom of Assembly violated

Crowds of people booing for a shirt that simply said, “McCain-Palin”, following and chanting as he’s frog-marched away, and cheering when he’s put in the police car (for you North Dakota readers: the prowler).

This is just crazy.  I have a hard time believing that this could happen in the US just for supporting a Republican candidate…But here it is, in living color:



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5 responses to “This Is Really Disturbing…

  1. I normally have a lot of respect for your blog (even when I don’t agree), and I have debated if I should say something or not… Perhaps you just aren’t a drinker, but this guy wasn’t arrested because of his t-shirt… He was arrested because he was a drunk man being disobedient to the police, and suggesting that he wanted to drive his car…

    This is something I see quite often, as this type of behavior is one of the top problems with law enforcement in my little part of the world. The police reaction was quite appropriate.

  2. chiefmuser

    I can see that what got him arrested was not following the directions of the police.

    But why would they give those instructions in the first place?

    -I don’t see that he was disorderly at all.
    -I’m sure he was not the only person in that crowd who had been drinking. Was anyone else forced to leave?

    Thinking about this a little bit more, I realized I made the same assessment that I did on questionable gestures by Obama during speeches: if the action is ambiguous in video, then what did the people at the location think happened?

    With Obama, the audience certainly believed Obama gave Hillary the middle finger when he scratched his nose while mentioning her name. You could tell by their reaction.

    Here, the crowd absolutely supported forcing this man away simply because of his T-shirt, and approved even more strongly of taking him in custody. Because of his T-shirt.

    Please don’t tell me the crowd wanted him taken into custody because he had too much to drink.

  3. I have a pack of dogs, 6 of them, 4 min pins, a pit bull mix, and a GSD, and I think all crowds have the potential of being a disorderly pack. So if your beef is with the crowd, I give you that, the crowd acted inappropriate and that is all there is to that.

    The video itself is designed to scare people into believing that Obama will take away our right to speak against him, that I do not approve of. Now if Obama does do such a thing I will be one of the first to speak up, but I think it is fair to say he hasn’t shown anything like that thus far.

    Really I find the video to be deliberately lacking, where is the first part of the disagreement? Why did the police go over there? What were they referring to when they kept saying “we have already warned him enough”? Was he trying to be violent? See, so it is my opinion the video itself is lacking and I only will stick up for the police, not for the crowd.

  4. chiefmuser

    I can go with that; or at least withdraw to reserving judgment until more information comes in.

    The things I’m keying in on were:
    -The crowd was reacting to the T-shirt.
    -The police did not give any justification for their orders other than, “You need to leave this area.” Why? What was special about that area? It was an Obama Victory rally.
    -He gave no resistance when the cop lost his temper and grabbed his shirt.
    -He gave no resistance when cuffed and marched off to the squad car.

    That’s why I don’t like the explanation that he was arrested for not following orders. Can police stop you on the street and stop you from going to work without an explanation and then arrest you when you don’t comply? I think most people would recognize that would be abuse of power.

    But like I said, you make some good points for reserving judgment on the police, and for suspecting this guy’s innocence.

    I certainly question the guy’s intelligence for trying to walk into an Obama rally with a McCain-Palin T-shirt. But I do defend his right to get beat to a bloody pulp if he isn’t smart enough to avoid it.

  5. Sadly, at the moment they can…

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