Third Strong Game By Thigpen, Third Close Loss

Tyler Thigpen has arrived.

A few weeks ago, people were really down on Thigpen.  And that’s just one example.  Here’s another one.

These past few weeks, it’s been said a few times that “no one could have expected Thigpen would turn out this good.”  After the loss to Atlanta, even his own father figured he didn’t have what it took.

Well, there was someone who still thought he could do it:


Before the season started, I kept pointing out that some considered Thigpen to have a chance to steal the starting spot from Croyle.  Now, there were several people on that bandwagon, so no bragging rights there.

But here’s what I said after the loss to the Raiders:

– Given the opportunity to come back in and correct mistakes, Thigpen made the most of it, showing why the Chiefs consider him a potential solid starter or backup.  It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t starting-QB quality…but he didn’t really suck once he got settled down. He scrambled to pick up some first downs, bought time by bootlegging and throwing well on the run, and had as many TD passes as INTs (1).  Less than 50% completion, but I think that will improve if he gets the start this coming week.

And against the Falcons?  This is where even his dad had pretty much written him off (I can’t find the article to link it, but will update with the link after I do).  Here’s what I said:

– Thigpen made some strides as a QB today.  He was praised several times by the annoncers for great throws and great decisions.  He looks like an NFL QB to me.  An inexperienced NFL QB, but one who can start and win, eventually.


– Thigpen actually looked good at the end of the first half and into the 3rd and 4th quarter.  He made another horrible mistake in the pick-6 to Houston at the end of the game, but not bad for a first start and getting down by 17 points.  I’m now hoping he supplants Brodie Croyle as the starter, because I believe he will fix his decision-making and cold-start problems.


If a light-bulb can go off in Thigpen’s head about making consistently better decisions and slightly better throws, we’ll have a good starting QB who can inspire teammates and move the ball.  It’s probably too much to ask for these improvements to happen this year, but I am still praying for a LB and O-line miracle.

Here’s another person who has fully jumped on the Thigpen bandwagon.  I agree with him: you feel safe when Thigpen drops back to pass, not worried.  You don’t know who he is going to throw the ball to, but you know that unless he’s throwing it away because no one is open, he’s going to put the ball right where the receiver can get it easily.  In that highlight reel up above, you hear the announcer saying again and again: “Nice throw!”  That’s because they are nice throws.  He puts a zing on it when necessary, but it’s always a catchable ball.

…is it any coincidence that Bowe’s drops have decreased since Thigpen took over starting?  I don’t think so.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly coming up tomorrow.


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