The Ocean Isn’t Rising Fast Enough, You Dolts

The Maldives are (is?) saving for a new homeland.

Here’s the thing.  I have lived in Hawaii for more than 8 years, spread out from 1996 through 2008.

I went to lots of beaches multiple times.  Global Warming and the Rise of the Oceans wasn’t a big topic back in 1996.  Scientifically, the oceans may have risen an inch or two, I don’t know.  I will say I saw no observable change in shoreline anywhere.  And there are places you can tell: for instance, there is a “blowhole” where crashing waves force a jet of water up through a lava tube.  A change of inches would certainly alter the force/frequency of it.  Has it?  Nope.  Ditto for the one on Kauai.

So why do you hear about “islands sinking into the ocean”?

Well, there is another scientific principle at work.  Have you ever heard of an atoll?  Are you familiar with the life cycle of an island?

So having South Pacific islands slowly covered by water is scientific, but hardly due to Global Warming.

Be smarter, people.  I know that’s hard for most journalists, but please try.


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