My Big 5 (Self-Assessed)


Openness: High

Conscientiousness: Low

Extroversion: Variable according to context, but generally medium-high

Agreeableness: Extremely high

Neuroticism: Originally High to Extremely High, but now lowered to Medium-High, and I expect to continue to improve that down to medium.

Some have suggested other personality traits to be measured.  One that got a reaction from me is:
Sense of Humor.

See, I think I have a very well-developed sense of humor.  I love to laugh, I appreciate good humor, and I pick up on others’ humor quite well.

But, well, my humor doesn’t really come across well to others.  I’ve learned to censor 90% of what I find funny, and share only the remaining 10%, and that has let people actually consider me funny sometimes.  I still think my sense of humor is excellent, just that most people cannot understand the surprising connection between two disparate events/situations/things* that I do.  An alternative explanation is that I *am* funny, but I lack the communicative ability to make others laugh.

*that’s my personal understanding of what humor is.  It explains why non-sequitors can be so funny, and puns.  It explains why hearing a joke a second time isn’t so funny.  It explains why dumb people can’t be intentionally funny.   Yeah, I like to analyze everything.


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