Sarah Palin is Not Watching the Chiefs-Chargers Game

I think.

But if she were, this is what she’d see after both sides had 1 possession each:

Thigpen made it look easy on the TD pass to Bradley.  He went 7/8 for 87 yards, including the 30-yarder for the 7 points.

Even better, the Chiefs held the Chargers to 0 points after advancing to the KC 31.  We got pressure on Rivers (the Chargers QB) several times, and the pressure from our D-line was a significant reason for their drive stalling.  Conversely, Thigpen has had plenty of time to pass, plenty of time to choose where to go with the football.  I don’t think he’s even been hit, yet.  Our O-line is doing an excellent job so far, and seems to be getting better almost every game these days.

Oh, the title?

I just figure anything with “Sarah Palin” in it is going to garner more traffic, so why not?   I’ll keep it up until I get bored with it.


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