Chiefs-Chargers: Halftime Analysis by Gov. Sarah Palin

My apologies.  Gov. Sarah Palin was otherwise engaged today.

Still, It is great for KC to be up 13-6 over the Chargers.  The “13” is because our replacement long-snapper skipped the ball along the ground, and Colquitt was unable to convert the extremely broken play.

Very interestingly, undrafted RB Dantrell Savage is out-performing LDT at this point.  Woot!

And Thigpen is outperforming Phillip Rivers in TDs (2 to 0), TOs (0 to 1), completion percentage (13 for 15 vs 13 for 20), and so Thigpen is also way ahead in QB rating.  Rivers does have 9 more yards, but I doubt he considers that much consolation.

I’m sure that Gov. Sarah Palin and President-elect Barack Obama could agree on this issue, too.


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