Unreal…I’m Stunned by the Coercion, Lack of Self-Awareness

This teacher is a blight on our society.  While I’m sure she doesn’t represent all teachers, I’m equally as certain she isn’t the only one doing this sort of garbage.  And when, in a later part of the video, she flat out denies what we just saw her doing…well, that clearly demonstrates one of the things I have learned about humans: most people do not see or understand themselves clear (the last person you want to believe is someone talking about themself).

There is one bit of unintentional comedy: when, just like every other Obama supporter on this planet, the students are unable to come up with a single accomplishment that Obama has achieved, and the teacher covers the awkwardness by insisting that he will end the War in Iraq as if it has already a done deal.

Finally, as the blogger points out, it is ridiculous that even the leading Information Systems nation in the world, the most powerful nation in the world, the richest nation in the world, there is no career or profession who is able to provide US society with this glimpse into the political indoctrination going on in our schools; no, we had to get this sort of…hmm, I’m just going to make up a word, because obviously nothing like this actually exists…let’s call it: investigative journalism from Finland.  Yes, it is a travesty that we can put a man on the moon, but can’t have any actual investigative journalism that can provide us with vital information like this in time for a national election.


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