What Happened to the PUMAs?

I don’t believe I saw anyone else say this.  I’m truly surprised, because it seems like basic, obvious analysis to me:

PUMAs were upset about the way Obama treated Hillary, and would have been happy to support McCain with voting against Obama…right up until McCain picked Gov. Palin.  If McCain was elected and Gov. Palin became VP, then she would have been the first woman in history to do so, and that would have not only eclipsed Hillary’s achievement as almost-nominee, it would have made Hillary’s own lack of self-made accomplishments look rather tawdry in comparison.

Hillary’s only hope for a place in history (like Obama’s) is to be the first woman to to go that high.  Some individual PUMAs may have helped McCain out, but for most PUMAs, Palin’s political career must die so that Hillary’s might continue.


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