Chill Wind: the End of Free Speech

It’s probably a little bit early for this post.  I’m speaking from fear and despair.

The Democratic Party deliberately disenfranchised as many military as possible.  Leading Democratic Party politicians promised to cut military funding by 25%.  The Democratic Party has already sent feelers out to punish military for saying anything publicly that might have moved people to support the policies of the Republican administration.  Noises were made beforehand about reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine.  You know that the news media now sees the upcoming solid-Democratic Party government as being on their side, and will look for payback for their efforts to get Obama elected and maintain Democratic Party control of congress; and you know they consider Conservative bloggers to be their biggest enemy and threat.

I’m a conservative military blogger. I helped in an extremely minor way to point out Dan Rather’s falsehoods. I know I won’t be targeted specifically, but I don’t doubt that restrictions on military/conservative blogging is coming soon.

To protect myself and my family, this may well be the last political blogging I ever do.


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