Tired of Politics? Let’s Talk Chiefs Football

Great little article over here at Arrohead Pride.  He provides this data:

  • 14 first quarter points was by far the most the Chiefs have scored this season
  • Most (21) first downs in a game
  • Most (36) rushing attempts in a game
  • Most (384) offensive yards in a game
  • Least (26) passing attempts in a game
  • 2nd most (63) offensive plays in a game
  • Only one sack allowed, which has happened only once this season
  • Highest yards gained per pass (7.4)
  • 3rd best rushing performance of the year, based on yards and YPC
  • There’s lots more, and I agree with pretty much everything he said.  “The spread” is working quite well for Thigpen and the Chiefs right now.  You cannot argue with success, and our offense has finally been successful two games in a row.  The defense is helping quite a bit by providing turnovers, but is apparently weakening in the second half.  Of course, injuries didn’t help…but one more decent draft and/or development by some younger players like D-linemen Brian Johnston, Glenn Dorsey, TJ Jackson, and LBs Rumph and/or Dacus, and this team will be dangerous.


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