If Obama Wins, I’m Leaving the Country

I mean it, too.

Um, eventually. And only temporarily.

And if he doesn’t win, I’ll still end up leaving the country at the same future moment.

I’m military; it’s a big part of what we do to keep the nation safe: leave the country for intervals.

So, to be honest, leaving the country at some unknown future date has absolutely nothing ,to do with Obama or McCain, but it’s just the sort of pre-election announcement prominent liberals like to make, so I thought I’d try to be like them.



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5 responses to “If Obama Wins, I’m Leaving the Country

  1. Mr Lady


  2. chiefmuser

    Well, except for the plumbing differences. And you’re much funnier than I am. And cooler. And more popular. And a better writer. And probably smarter, happier, and more at peace.

    But aside from all that, yeah: we’re just alike!

  3. Hey Chief! Thank You for defending my freedom. But the bottom line is……….it’s all about the guitars! Peace, Mike.

  4. chiefmuser

    Dude, I will happily defend your guitars, too!

    What kind/how many do you have?

    Please tell me you don’t use Mesa or Fender amps…

  5. I have one. 1987 Westone Spectrum GT. Left -handed………..with a Marshall (but of course) practice amp……can’t afford to collect…….but I enjoy reading about yours. Peace, Mike.

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