What I Extremely Dislike About Obama

Thanks to the help of Jerry Pournelle, I finally put my finger on it:

Obama doesn’t actually say he is not a Socialist as far as I can see: he does ridicule those who say he is.

I was able to get close to it before, but found it difficult to explain why it bothered me so much when Obama “brushed off” his jacket when mentioning Hillary, then scratched his face with his middle finger another time mentioning her, then mocked Joe the Plumber (even though it was Obama’s answer that caused him trouble, not the question).  Add to that the “You’re likeable enough, Hillary” snark that briefly got him in trouble with the Hillary camp.

See, there’s a thread that runs through all that, but I couldn’t find a way to characterize it neatly in plain English, until Mr. Pournelle helped out.

Simply this:

Sen. Obama rarely, if ever, responds to challenges or disagreements.  He mocks, ridicules, insults, dismisses, and otherwise belittles anyone who criticizes him.

It’s childish.  It is not the behavior or character a President should have.

And you know what’s worse?  I can’t say it is a thread common to all these events, but I include the brush off and nose scratch for one reason: the crowd reaction was the same as to Obama’s derisive mention of Joe the Plumber: approval for a cheap dis.  That means the brush off and middle-finger nose scratch were absolutely deliberate insults to Hillary.

Clearly, too many of Obama’s supporters like Obama to be a verbal thug.  Too many of Obama’s supporters prefer Obama to ignore social norms of courtesy and respect.

To me, this is both disheartening and despicable.



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5 responses to “What I Extremely Dislike About Obama


    So he should show respect to people who are criticizing him, the ones calling him names, the ones making this up about him?

    He should show those people respect!?

    What a total joke.

  2. chiefmuser

    Yes, I’m serious. “Socialistic” isn’t name calling, it is a description of his proposal. Instead of responding with ridicule and mocking, he should explain why he thinks it isn’t socialistic. Instead, he just slings insults. It doesn’t help, lowers the level of discourse, and increases polarization.

    But aside from that sort of political sparring, how about the most egregious case? Exactly what did Joe the Plumber do to deserve Obama’s mocking, hmm?

    Nothing. Yet because Obama’s own honest answer caused him political trouble, both Obama and his surrogates attacked Joe the Plumber.

    I could go into all the undeserved and low class attacks on Gov. Palin by Obama and his surrogates, as well.

    Heck, I didn’t even bring up how Obama throws family, friends and mentors under the bus as soon as they become political liabilities, which should worry you.

    Obama too self-centered and sensitive to be President of the United States.

    Moreover, you apparently don’t understand the difference between criticism and an insult, or a valid political point and an attack. You seem to want Obama to go after anyone who tarnishes his image at all, even when the point is valid. Thank you for helping prove my point.

  3. Sorry the only thing that is proven is that the GOP scare tactics are working with you.

    Obama is no more a socialist than Sarah Palin who actually has a tax plan in the works in Alaska that tax the Oil company which is then given to the residents of Alaska.

    Don’t feel so bad for Joe the plumber because after this election is over he will have a better life than you do. Oh didn’t you hear he has a album in the works. I wonder what happen to that plumbing business he wanted to open?

    So go ahead and keep eating that fear and otherness that the GOP is feeding to you.

  4. chiefmuser

    I’m stunned. Very nearly speechless.

    Whether intentionally or ignorantly, you ignore the difference between corporations and individuals. You embrace “ends justify the means” in regards to violations of Joe the Plumber’s privacy. You dismiss out of hand any and all asshole-ishness on the part of Obama, and chalk it up to my fear. Which, incidentally, doesn’t exist or apply in this case at all.

    Please keep posting comments. If nothing else, I’ll learn more about your mindset from what you say. But we are way too far apart in worldview to agree on much, if anything. Don’t expect to convince me of anything, and I won’t expect I’ll convince you of anything, either. Maybe we can have some fun with the disagreements.

    Luckily, in my opinion you are so far gone around the bend that your snark/hostility doesn’t impact me at all. It’s like watching someone froth at the mouth on TV. I probably seem the same way to you.

    C’est la vie.

  5. chiefmuser

    Oh, and you need to stop assuming things about other people.

    I have less fear of “otherness” than just about anyone. I embrace “otherness”.

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