Thigpen Getting More Press; Chiefs New QBOTF?

Adam Teicher starts the article with the same sort of information in his Vlog I linked earlier, but goes to quote a few players saying good things.

Brian Waters:

If there were three games left in the season, I wouldn’t say that’s enough time to qualify him as that. With nine games left, if he can continue to grow and have solid performances like last week, you have to respect that and think he could be our quarterback. In my mind, I’m not hoping all of a sudden he’s a great performer. I just want him to be consistent. If he can do that, you have to take that into the evaluation of whether he’s a guy you can stick with.

Ronde Barber:

He’s impressive for a guy nobody knows about.  He obviously got better when he knew he was going to be the guy. You could tell he had a week of practice under his belt against New York. He played with some confidence. He definitely has control of the offense.

To me, he looks like an option. He looks like somebody they could use long-term there.

Now, I know I’m repeating myself, and I know I’m egotistical about my analytical ability (especially regarding football), but I still think that everyone in sports journalism has missed this point:  Even if Thigpen is unable to consistently be that good, and so is unable to secure the starting QB job, his emergence still helps the team continue its rebuilding by giving other offensive skill positions the chance to work with a QB who is good at least part of the time.  That is vital. If you get slightly-below-average or better play from your QB, you are getting good experience in for your WRs, RBs, and O-line.  If you get significantly below-average play from your QB (like we got from Thigpen in much of the game against the Falcons and Raiders), then you not only cannot execute well enough to develop young players, you also discourage young players and even worse: you accustom them to not just losing, but being humiliated on a regular basis.

Tyler Thigpen’s emergence helps the entire team, no matter whether he proves to be the QBOTF or not.

QBOTF: Quarterback of the Future, for those of you who aren’t hard-core football fans, but still care enough to read this article.  Probably a pretty small intersection in a Venn diagram, but you are stil important to me.


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