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Intriguing Controversy

…so: what happens to the New England Patriots and Tom Brady if Cassel wins the Super Bowl as the Patriots starting QB this year?

Or even more controversial: what happens to Tom Brady if Cassel loses in either the AFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl because the defense has a bad game?


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Wrong Conjunction

Glennstapundit says, “Praise the Lord, but pass the big-ass cans of stored food.”

I agree his your sentiment on the cans of food, but I think he has the wrong conjunction. In my church*, we’d say, “Praise the Lord AND pass the big-ass cans of stored food!”

But one shouldn’t discount the possibility of conservative Christians (even the evangelical/charismatic) speaking allegorically, and being taken literally by those looking for reasons to look down their nose at conservative Christians.

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Liberals: Making Things Suck, One Event at a Time

Here ya go.

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I Blame the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Things like this don’t just happen spontaneously, you know.

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Tyler Thigpen: Some Good, Some Bad

– The long TD pass Tyler threw this week to Mark Bradley was 45 yards in the air, and right on the mark.  Tyler was on the run and threw across his body to make that pass.  He has used his strength and accuracy to burn defenses this year; I think more defenses will respect that arm strength more next year, after having an offseason of game film to study.

– The TD pass to Jamaal Charles was underthrown.  Of course, that put it where only the receiver could get it, so maybe it was on purpose.  But it could have been an easier TD if Tyler had hit Charles in stride.  Tyler has shown a tendency to underthrow some long passes; this may be due to throwing on the run, and I think he will fix that in the off-season.

– In 6 starts, Tyler Thigpen still hasn’t thrown for 300 yards. 

– If you project Thigpen’s numbers in the last 5 games (since taking over as full-time starting QB), over a full season, you get: 325 completions on 547 attempts for 3555 yds, 35 TDs, and 9 INTs.  I think most teams would take that.

– in 3 of his last 5 games (and even including his earlier start), he was well under 60% passing.  That won’t cut it.  Then again, if Bradley and Bowe dropped less passes, he’d be over 60% and we’d probably have another win or two.  Drops happen, but Bowe has been exceptionally frustrating with the number/type of his drops (although he has improved over the last few weeks).

– his two games of greater than 60% completions, he was well over 60%.  These were in games he had his #1 and #3 career-high passing attempts.

– Despite some early games with less than 4 yds/att, Tyler is still averaging 6 yds/att overall.  In games since taking over as the full-time starter, Tyler is averaging 6.93 yds/att.  That is almost enough to be a solid starter.

– Since taking over as full-time starter, Tyler has thrown 11 TD passes to 3 INTs.

You want your starting QB to be over 7 yds/att, over 60%, and have a 3:1 TD:INT ratio.  Tyler nearly has the first element, needs to improve to reach the second element, and currently outperforms the third element (although the trend line isn’t good).

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I’m the Man

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We’ve Got Them Right Where We Want Them

The last time the Chiefs were written off as an embarrassment (after losing badly to the Panthers and Titans), Tyler Thigpen emerged as a legitimate Franchise QB.  The time previous to that when the Chiefs were written off as an embarrassment (after losing badly to the Raiders and the Falcons), the Chiefs shellacked the Denver Broncos.

Up next?  The Dirty, Hated Oakland Raiders.  Or, as I like to call them, the Dirty HORs.

It will be at Oakland, but if can recover from the last nosedive, we could have a break-out game.

Unfortunately, that may be too big of an “If” this season.

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