Obama’s Promises, Promises, Promises

He’s already defined “rich” down by $100k/year.

Plan to vote for Obama? “Hope” he doesn’t “Change” his mind again.  Or, in other words: Obama after the election:  I am altering the deal. Pray I don\’t alter it any further…

…some idiot will be along before long to call me racist for comparing Obama to Darth Vader, I’m sure.


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One response to “Obama’s Promises, Promises, Promises

  1. inappropriateone

    Ok….I’m a reformed Republican of some 27 years….but I can have a little fun with my new-found party… Don’t know how old you are, but as a kid, we’d gather around the TV and watch Archie Bunker every weekend… Here’s a great out-take from a rant of his about……Democrats…. Enjoy…

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