Words of Support for Tyler Thigpen

Adam Teicher’s Vlog.

He says something like:

“This last week the Chiefs got the kind of performance they were expecting to get from their starting QB; they just thought that starting QB would be Croyle, but in all his starts, he never could perform like that.  It’s remarkable that Thigpen did so well in just his second NFL start. Some people have been saying the Chiefs have found their starting QB, or this could be the Chiefs’ Tom Brady; well, it’s way too early for that sort of talk, but after Croyle went down, they thought the season would be wasted, and now it looks like it won’t be: they can play Thigpen the rest of the year and see if he can develop the consistency to be a full-time starter.”

Exactly.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a decent QB to be able to develop WRs, RBs, O-line, and overall offensive cohesiveness.  Tyler might not be able to secure the starting position, much less be a playoff-winning QB, but he plays well enough that the O-line has a reason to hold their blocks that split-second longer, the WRs have a reason to be precise in their routes and expect the ball any time they are open, and the RBs will find room to run because teams must respect Thigpen’s arm.  Even if he loses the rest of the season because he’s not quite good or consistent enough.

The emergence of Tyler Thigpen as a credible/potential future solid starter or solid backup may well represent the salvaging of the season, and the salvaging of hope for the playoffs next season.


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